Monday, July 7, 2008

Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan

I enjoy gritty science fiction and this does it all. Imagine living when your essence is all on a disk sitting in the back of your neck in your spine. Your body gets fatally injured? No problem! If you've got the bucks, you can have an account that allows the appropriate medics to take out your disc (making you a DH, a digitized human)and upload you into another body, hopefully someone's who doesn't want it back.

Extrapolate from this and you get a great mysterty involving privilege (the Methuselas have lots of money--enough to copy their own original body for future uses and live for hundreds of years-imagine what this does to how one thinks about humanity), corruption and identity. I will read it again.

It was, bottomline, a police procedural, sort of, where the protaganist is put in someone else's body without his consent to do some private investigation. Think Philip Marlowe in the year 2500. Love it!

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